Did you know that more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is created every single day? From likes to swipes, streams to clicks, the digital world is exploding with data being produced at speeds once thought impossible.

But what’s actually happening with it? For those in the world of data science and, in particular, digital marketing, it’s a very exciting time. Together these disciplines offer an exciting advantage to businesses and brands, as data science continues to revolutionize the way digital marketing is crafted and implemented.

Interested? You should be. If you’ve got an analytical mindset with an excellent imagination, you may want to consider studying an MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science, like Fabian Cabrera and Yousra Saddi, two students from emlyon business school. We asked them to share what it’s really like to study this cutting-edge field.

Exposure to the latest innovations and technologies

A LinkedIn survey earlier this year found that most hard skills sought after by companies are related to digital technologies, including UX design, analytical reasoning, cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

To get your head around the inner workings of algorithms, coding, and even machine learning with Python, business schools such as emlyon business school are introducing degrees and modules to help plug this expanding skills and knowledge gap.

“After graduating from my bachelor’s degree I decided to immerse myself in the programming world using Python as I was really looking forward to acquiring a very technical and specialized knowledge in analytics, machine learning, and data engineering,” said Fabian.  

Their MSc isn’t just about the data though. Yousra told us she valued the importance of studying a degree that offered a more interdisciplinary approach:

“My decision to pursue my education in digital marketing was in large part the result of my interest in better understanding the factors that make a successful digital marketing plan.

“I was interested in attending a program that stimulates students’ curiosity and interests, as well as going beyond the fundamentals of digital marketing and mixing it with data science.”

Being able to put theory into practice

“As part of our program, we have just started working on an in-company consulting project where we work together in order to handle a mission presented by a company. The purpose of this project is to identify the project scope, deliverables and recommendations,” said Yousra.

From group projects to mini hackathons, experiential learning is a critical element to any curriculum as it allows you to develop your global outlook and strategy – something which Yousra found out when she worked on a mini-hackathon.

She told us: “We went beyond the traditional classroom course and worked on a mini-hackathon with our classmates engaging us in the process of designing innovation. It was quite challenging as we had a limited time to come up with the concept and present it in front of our classmates.

“I was very happy to see that we, as classmates, all put our efforts together to engage the cohort and used the different aspects covered in class.

“Participating in this course and attending the group projects pushed me to gain a deeper understanding of the user experience design. It also helped me adopt a new mindset making the best use of innovation, technology and creativity willing to take the user experience to the next level.”

The international aspect – from Paris to Shanghai to Boston (or San Francisco!)

If studying in both Paris and Shanghai wasn’t enough to whet your wanderlust appetite, you’ll be pleased to learn the MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science at emlyon business school also offers students the opportunity to spend a week in Boston or San Francisco.

“The Boston learning trip gave us an out-of-class experience where we were exposed to new activities such as travelling, visiting a new city and networking,” said Yousra.

“I had the opportunity to learn about the start-up community and the accelerators concepts. This has also helped me identify fields of work where I potentially see myself in the near future. Sharing this experience with my classmates has also helped me create friendships and enjoyable moments.”

With advances in data science pushing data-driven digital marketing opportunities, being able to understand how the digital industry is shaping and reshaping the ways in which society consumes media and information on a global scale is vital.

You learn from the professionals

Whilst in Boston, Yousra had the opportunity to attend a lecture presented by Yihyun Lim, the Director of the MIT Design Lab.

“We got to deepen our knowledge on the use of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver human centered user experiences,” she said.  

Now currently based in Shanghai, Yousra’s global perspective of digital marketing and data science is broadening. She told us: “We have the opportunity to attend classes taught by professionals with a deep understanding of Chinese culture and trends. Thanks to their experience, we are able to get clear examples and cases related to the local market.”

Your professional network will flourish

As well as learning from some of the brightest professionals in the field, both Yousra and Fabian have also been able to build valuable connections within the industry.

Fabian said: “Since the very beginning we have all been exposed to numerous activities and events involving networking not only with startups and big companies, but also with investors, venture capitalists, and other students with entrepreneurial mindsets.

“My network now has connections from Paris, Lyon, Boston, and Shanghai, and I’m really looking forward to connecting with influential people all over the globe.”

The MSc in Digital Marketing & Data Science is an innovative program attracting dynamic individuals from all over the world. So, building a professional network with class colleagues, professors, visiting scholars, and other working professionals will always put you at an advantage.

“I’ve expanded my network and had the opportunity to meet other students. They helped me develop a global mindset and aided me in improving teamwork, and I was also able to interact with leading executives from around the world,” said Yousra.

You’ll develop the skills and expertise necessary to conquer the digital job market

In the future, nine out of 10 jobs will require digital skills. As the digital age continues to grow, so does the demand for a new generation of trained and skilled digital marketing technologists who are digitally and data literate.

If you’re keen to get involved and be a part of a highly lucrative and exciting industry, an MSc in Digital Marketing and Data Science can be the golden ticket.

“The resources the program offers will provide me with a better understanding of the current trends and therefore help me overcome managerial boundaries and optimize my digital marketing strategies. It will, undoubtedly, benefit me not only on an educational and professional level but also on a personal one,” said Yousra.