Test your knowledge and see if you have a sense of what’s trending this Valentine’s Day.

Right when it feels like the holidays are over, Valentine’s Day sneaks up on you! Whether you like giving (or getting) candy hearts, cute cards or skipping the festivities altogether, we thought we’d have a little fun with this year’s trending searches: Test your knowledge of what’s popular this year with our quiz based on Valentine’s Day Search Trends!

                     1. Which of these is NOT a search that spikes every February?

                     A. Promise ring

                     B. Heart necklace

                     C. Teddy bear

                     D. Engagement rings


                     2. Which of these is the top-searched Valentine’s Day chocolate?

                     A. Chocolate covered strawberries

                     B. Dark chocolate

                     C. Chocolate box

                     D. Vegan Valentine’s chocolates


                     3. Which of these is the top-searched Valentine’s Day chocolate?

                     A. Red roses

                     B. Forever roses

                     C. Black roses

                     D. Glitter roses


                     4. Which of these is the top trending “Valentine’s DIY” search?

                     A. Valentine garland DIY

                     B. DIY Valentine lollipop

                     C. DIY Valentines cards for classroom

                     D. Valentine’s Day explosion box DIY


                      5. Fill in the blanks: One of the top trending Valentine’s Day gift searches is “best ___ Valentine’s gifts for ___.”

                     A. Romantic / him

                     B. Cute / my crush

                     C. Funny / a friend

                     D. Small / her


                     5. Which of these is one of the top five trending Valentine’s Day gifts “for her”?

                     A. Jewelry

                     B. Water bottle

                     C. Chocolate hearts

                     D. Big teddy bear