Apple recommends Blinkist for lifelong learners, top thinkers, and anyone who wishes they had more time to learn the powerful ideas in nonfiction books.

Let’s start with the question, how does one become an intellectual? Well, it often involves a lot of dedication to studying and research. If we don’t put the time in, we risk experiencing something psychologists call the Dunning-Kruger effect, a situation where people with limited knowledge of a given topic significantly overestimate their understanding. Unfortunately, the average person doesn’t have time to dedicate hours to research, which is why modern intellectuals are turning to an app called Blinkist. Even Apple recommends Blinkist for those who are lifelong learners, naming it one of the best apps in the world. Blinkist also appears to be one of the most important apps for everyday use with the new iPhone 14. With iPhone 14’s new features, Blinkist is now an even better experience for curious minds.

At Blinkist, we gather the key insights from nonfiction books into 15-minute reads and listens. There are over 5,700 titles across 27 categories including entrepreneurship, management and leadership, and personal development.   More than 27 million people, among them Apple CEO Tim Cook and podcast host Joe Rogan, are now expanding their horizons with Blinkist. Tim Cook even stopped by the Blinkist office to get a glimpse of the hype, and the app is loved by everyone from The New York Times to Forbes.

So, what exactly is it that top thinkers like about Blinkist?  
1. A Book Explained in 15 Minutes  It takes the average person 10 hours to read a book, which is a lot of time many of us don’t have.  With Blinkist, the most powerful ideas are shared in short audio and text explainers. The best bit? It only takes 15 minutes to read or listen to them, so you can fit learning in while eating breakfast, commuting to work, or walking the dog.  Plus, there are 40 new titles added to the app every month, so even the most voracious reader will never run out of great content.  
2. It’s Backed By Science  At Blinkist, there’s a dedicated team of experts who sift through the millions of books published each year to find the best ones out there. We don’t just want bestsellers—we want the hidden gems, the timeless classics, the books written for intellectuals, by intellectuals.
‘When we started most apps were for social media or gaming. We wanted to do something different and build an app that would add genuine value to someone’s life’ — Holger Seim, Blinkist co-founder. Once the books are selected, our specialist editors identify the key insights in each book and turn them into bite-sized explainers. The best part? All of the content is created using neuroscientific principles making all the information easy to understand and remember. Take a look—here’s the explainer to international bestseller Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari.

3. It Transforms Their Mindless Scrolling Routine – And Replaces It With A Good Habit You know those moments when you catch yourself endlessly swiping through social media? It’s something an alarmingly high amount of people suffer from and it’s called “doom-scrolling”, a phenomenon that leaves people feeling tired and angry. One of the many reasons, intellectuals love Blinkist is because it turns those wasted minutes into valuable learning opportunities. Whether it’s on the subway, a quick break or before bed: Instead of getting lost in time-wasting apps, all the curious minds are now engaging in focused and insightful learning sessions. It’s a game-changer! 80% of the Blinkist users say that they are more likely to spend time on Blinkist than scroll through social media. Here’s what some of them are saying:
So, say goodbye to mindless scrolling and hello to a new habit that’ll feed your curiosity, spark intellectual growth, and help you become a better you. No wonder Apple and many of its users recommend it:

4. Intellectuals Love to Learn by Listening  The app became particularly popular with intellectuals when the audio feature was introduced. It made it possible for big thinkers to listen to every title in the app, which means learning never has to wait until you have time to sit down.  Today, listening is the most popular way to consume the packs of actionable insights with around 70% of users opting to listen to Blinkist. This is no surprise as over 30% of people learn and retain information better when it’s heard as opposed to reading. 5. Over 94 Thousand 5-Star Ratings  Blinkist isn’t just loved by intellectuals, but by everyone who is eager to learn more. Today, there are over 94K five-star ratings across iTunes and Google Play stores.  What some users enjoy most about Blinkist is how the learning experience can fit around their lives. Just take a look at what some users are saying:
6. Buy Only the Books You’ll Love  With 15-minute explainers, busy people can take books for a test drive. If they like what they hear in those 15 minutes, they can buy the full thing to learn more.

Not only does this save people money buying books they never read, but it saves them time, too, as every book they do buy is one they know they’ll get a lot out of.
7. One of the Best Apps in the World
Blinkist has won numerous major awards from Apple, Google, and even the United Nations. It’s loved by everyone from The New York Times to Forbes, along with its millions of users.  What’s more, Apple recommends Blinkist for those who love to learn. The tech giant named Blinkist one of the top 20 apps for lifelong learners. The app is a favorite among book lovers who use Blinkist to keep their minds young and discover new titles. 
8. The Right Knowledge at the Perfect Time  Curious people are drawn to Blinkist because they know they can quickly access the knowledge they want—exactly when they need it. This no-fuss, no-stress approach to learning removes the time and strain that might otherwise go into research. This way, intellectual thinkers can keep up-to-date on the latest ideas, fill gaps in their knowledge, and easily integrate learning into their everyday lives.
9. Blinkist Treats its Employees Well

Many people find out about Blinkist by hearing about the inner workings of the company itself. It’s proven itself a great place to work with a unique company culture. LinkedIn named Blinkist the best startup employer in Germany and 95% of its employees on Glassdoor would recommend the company to a friend. Employees love the startup’s culture and feel like they’re taken care of. This has led to a low attrition rate where staff has stuck around for the long run to help make the app even better.

10. Global Success and the Stamp of Approval

We’re proud of what we do—we believe in our product because it has meaning, purpose, and intention. Our aim is to help people learn, to allow them to grow, and to better themselves in whatever way they would like.  This was recognized and praised by the United Nations, who acknowledged Blinkist as a Global Leader in Learning and Education.

With a community of 28 million people located across the world—from tech entrepreneurs to full-time moms to top CEOs—Blinkist has a loyal fanbase of users who are all discovering powerful ideas in nonfiction books on the app. Be part of it! Download the Blinkist app now and join the 28 million curious thinkers who also love to learn.