Tea Tree oil has been designated as the most important essential oil due to its countless benefits. This versatile oil has anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and antiseptic, antiviral, stimulant properties. Tea tree oil is native to Australia and has been widely researched and proved to have incredibly powerful healing and medicinal properties. The ingredient has become a rage for most pharma and beauty companies.

This mystic essential oil works wonders for skin care, hair care, home care, cleaning, etc.  The oil treats infections, improves oral health, helps fight acne, strengthens nails and so much more. Read further to know the top benefits for hair using Tea Tree Oil.

  1. Fights scalp infections – The anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties of tea tree helps fight all forms of scalp infections
  2. Cures dandruff, itchy scalp–As a potent antifungal and anti-inflammatory, tea tree oil is one of the natural remedies for dandruff. Also works very well to avoid hair fall caused because of dandruff. Tea tree also condition the scalp and prevents itching, flaking, and inflammation.
  3. Makes hair longer and thicker – The antimicrobial properties help to unclog hair follicles and provide vital nourishment to the roots. This can naturally help hair growth.
  4. Keeps hair clean – Tea Tree is a great source for nourishment of the scalp and keeping the hair clean. Also this essential oil is suited for all hair types
  5. Helps remove excessive oil from the scalp – Its highly potent cleansing properties helps removing excessive oil leaving hair cleaner, shinier and healthier.

Ways to incorporate Tea Tree oil in your hair care routine

The market is buzzing with products using this super natural ingredient. However, the easiest route for hair care would be to use a shampoo and conditioner using the Tea Tree goodness. Paul Mitchell, an American hair care brand, has a host of products using this special ingredient. Try out the Tea Tree Shampoo, Tea Tree Conditioner or use the Tea Tree Lemon Sage range for an added lemon zest.